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Task Features: Apple world, Android world, Windows world, Collaboration, Show all futures

Todos PricePrice/YeariPhone app
Native App for iPhone

Android app
Web klient
Windows app
Native app for windows

Labels or tags are used to indicate contexts for your tasks, which enables sorting and list generation

Share tasks
Cloud & sync
Cloud, network storage and synchronization

iOS Reminders
Iphone or iPad alerts

Android notifications
Android push notifications

Repeating tasks
Notes in task

Hive Hive hive.com $0.00 $144 more
12 per user/month
yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes 999 GB more
Hit List Hit List karelia.com $9.99 more
iPhone version
$0 yes more
no no no yes yes no no no yes no ?? yes yes no 0 GB yes 
Todo Cloud 7 Todo Cloud 7 todo-cloud $0.00 $0 no no yes no yes yes no yes more
limited, team must have one Premium Account
yes yes no yes ?? yes ?? 0 GB yes 
IQTELL Premium IQTELL Premium iqtell.com $0.00 $49 more
per user
yes yes yes no yes yes Yes with limit more
via e-mail, full integration
Yes with limit yes yes yes no yes yes yes 0 GB yes 
Azendoo Business Azendoo Business azendoo.com $0.00 $108 yes yes yes yes yes yes ?? yes yes yes yes yes ?? yes ?? ∞ yes 
Binfree pro Binfree pro binfire.com $0.00 $490 more
12 members
no no yes no yes yes ?? yes yes no no yes yes yes yes 30 GB yes 
Hit List Sync Hit List Sync karelia.com $9.99 $19 more
per user
yes more
no no no yes yes no no yes yes no no no yes no 0 GB yes 
MyLifeOrganized Pro MyLifeOrganized Pro mylifeorganized.net $0.00 $14 more
per user
yes yes no yes more
yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes no 0 GB yes 
ActionAgenda ActionAgenda actionagenda.wordpress.com $3.99 $0 yes no no no yes yes ?? no yes more
Sync with Toodledo, iOS Reminders, iOS calendars
yes no yes yes yes more
up to 5 depth
yes more
complex calendar management
0 GB no 
Azendoo free Azendoo free azendoo.com $0.00 $0 yes yes yes yes yes yes ?? ?? yes ?? ?? yes ?? yes ?? 10 GB ?? 
Flow Corporate Flow Corporate getflow.com $0.00 $2988 yes yes yes no yes yes yes yes yes more
60 GB
yes yes yes yes yes yes 60 GB yes 
toodleTasks toodleTasks prodisoft.ch $0.00 $0 more
sync with toodledo
no yes no no yes yes  more
via toodledo
via toodledo
yes more
via toodledo
no yes yes yes yes no 0 GB yes 
Todo.ly Todo.ly todo.ly $0.00 $0 yes no yes no yes yes no no yes yes no no yes yes no 0 GB no 
Todo Cloud 7 Premium Todo Cloud 7 Premium appigo.com $0.00 $19 yes yes yes no yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes ?? yes ?? 0 GB yes 
Asana Asana asana.com $0.00 $0 yes yes yes no yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes ?? yes yes 0 GB ?? 
Doit.im PRO Doit.im PRO doit.im $0.00 $20 yes yes yes yes yes yes Yes with limit more
via e-mail
no yes yes yes yes yes yes no 0 GB yes 
Wunderlist Pro Wunderlist Pro wunderlist.com $0.00 $49 more
per user
yes yes yes yes more
Windows 8
yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes no 0 GB yes 
IQTELL IQTELL iqtell.com $0.00 $0 yes yes yes no yes yes yes more
via e-mail, full integration
?? yes yes yes no yes yes Yes with limit more
Only web version
0 GB yes 
Producteev Producteev producteev.com $0.00 $0 yes yes yes no yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes no yes Yes with limit more
Only on web app
∞ yes 
Wunderlist Wunderlist wunderlist.com $0.00 $0 yes yes yes yes more
Windows 8
yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes Yes with limit more
25 per to-do
no 5 GB yes 
Toodledo Gold Toodledo Gold toodledo.com $0.00 $29 yes more
yes yes Yes with limit more
3rd Party apps
yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes 10 GB yes 
Pocket Lists Pocket Lists pocketlistsapp.com $4.99 $0 yes no no no yes yes no Yes with limit more
connect two or more iPhones with the running Pocket Lists app via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and collaborate on your lists.
yes yes no yes yes yes ?? 0 GB yes 
Producteev Pro Producteev Pro producteev.com $0.00 $243 more
one team
yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes no yes Yes with limit more
only on web app
∞ yes 
OmniFocus OmniFocus omnigroup.com $19.99 more
iPhone version
$0 yes more
no no no yes yes ?? ?? yes yes no yes yes yes yes 0 GB yes 
The Daily Project The Daily Project thedailyproject.com $2.99 $38 no no no yes yes yes no no yes no no yes yes yes no 0 GB more
Todo 7 Todo 7 appigo.com $4.99 $0 yes no no no yes yes Yes with limit more
by e-mail
no yes more
iCloud, Dropbox, Toodledo
yes no ?? yes yes yes 0 GB yes 
Doit.im Doit.im doit.im $0.00 $0 yes yes yes no yes yes no no ?? yes yes yes yes yes no 0 GB yes 
2do 2do www.2doapp.com $14.99 $0 yes more
yes Yes with limit more
Access your tasks in a browser via iCloud.com
no yes more
including tags search
yes Yes with limit more
via AirDrop and Email
no yes yes yes yes yes more
including Starred flag
yes more
including Projects
yes more
Calendar events on iPad and iOS
0 GB yes 
Wrike Professional Wrike Professional wrike.com $0.00 $588 more
5 users
yes yes yes no yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes ?? 5 GB yes 
ToDoist ToDoist Todoist.com $0.00 $0 yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes no no yes yes yes more
4 indent levels
yes 0 GB no 
IQTELL Platinum IQTELL Platinum iqtell.com $0.00 $79 more
per user
yes yes yes no yes yes yes more
via e-mail, full integration
yes yes yes yes no yes yes yes 0 GB yes 
Flow Team Flow Team getflow.com $0.00 $588 yes yes yes no yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes 10 GB yes 
Todoist PREMIUM Todoist PREMIUM todoist.com $0.00 $21 more
per user
yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes more
4 indent levels
yes 0 GB yes 
WorkFlowy WorkFlowy workflowy.com $0.00 $0 no no yes no yes yes no no no no no no yes yes no 0 GB yes 
InstaTodo InstaTodo instatodo.com $4.99 $0 yes no Yes with limit more
using myPhoneDesktop app
no yes yes yes more
via SMS, email or Toodledo
no Yes with limit more
via Toodledo sync
yes no yes yes yes no 0 GB yes 
Toodledo Silver Toodledo Silver toodledo.com $0.00 $14 yes more
yes yes Yes with limit more
3rd Party apps
yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes 0 GB yes 
Asana Premium Asana Premium asana.com $0.00 $600 yes yes yes no yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes ?? yes yes 0 GB yes 
DesktopTodo DesktopTodo desktoptodo.com $14.99 $0 no no no yes yes yes no no Yes with limit more
sync with Toodledo
no no yes yes yes yes 0 GB yes 
Flow Business Flow Business getflow.com $0.00 $1548 yes yes yes no yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes 30 GB yes 
Binfire basic Binfire basic binfire.com $0.00 $190 more
6 members
no no yes no yes yes yes yes yes no no yes yes yes more
6 levels
yes 10 GB yes 
MyLifeOrganized MyLifeOrganized mylifeorganized.net $0.00 $0 yes yes ??  more
yes yes no no yes yes yes yes yes yes no 0 GB yes 
Flow Studio Flow Studio getflow.com $0.00 $348 yes yes yes no yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes 5 GB yes 

I’ve been looking for the right task manager for a very long time. It has to be suitable for my business and also for my family. I’ve tried many of them. Sometimes I didn’t come across functionality, sometimes the design was uninviting, sometimes the ease of use was the problem. Because I’ve spent a lot of time on finding the best one, I decided to share my observations to make others' search easier. I hope this summary will help you find the ideal task manager for you. If you are aware of some other applications please let me know. I’ll be glad for any comments.


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